Joey – Who Are You?

Anthem to Joey

I have been with Joey on/off for over seven years and I am only now starting to get a grasp of Joey – the REAL Joey.

Not the Joey I view with rose colored glasses – refusing to listen to his words and putting my own spin and interpretation onto his actions.

All along Joey has been telling me – directly and indirectly – who and what he is.

Only now am I truly starting to see the truth, to listen to his words and interpret his actions in, hopefully, the right way.

Let’s just say he is not what he seems to be to others – and unfortunately I know him really well now.

And now I just feel sadness – no longer am I angry (well not a lot).

Just totally and utterly sad.

My life always has ‘anthems’ to go with the situation and the people I am with – boy does Joey have a lot of songs I associate with him. In many ways I use songs to communicate my feelings, whilst also becoming addicted to an album or songs.

As a coincidence, I have loved this song since 1990 and it is now an anthem to Joey.

Play here:  Concrete Blonde – Joey (Official Video 1990)

Lyrics here: Concrete Blonde – Joey (Official Video 1990)

Credit for Image: I am such as sad sack.



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