What is a fashionista?


Who are the fashionista’s of Australia? Log onto any well-known fashion forum and you will find the truth is not as simple as it would seem. On the surface, it would seem that the writers on the forum are up to the minute, fashion conscious beauty queens – vacuous airheads with nothing more on their minds than nail polish colour, how to keep foundation from sliding from their cheeks and of course, the main issues – what to wear to a party. With names like Princess, Beautyqueen and glamourzon, you could be forgiven for believing that these girls are 6-foot beauties of perfection. Paragons of beauty. Untouchable of class and elegance, with their lives a picture of perfection – the perfect hair and makeup, clothes to die for, new-European sleek vehicles and homes that could feature in the worlds leading interior decorating magazines.


Scratch the surface however, and what you find are the real individuals. Smart, intelligent women who display strengths of character shown by their beliefs in their own opinions and values, who provide a minute by minute support system to each other. Reality checks are constant within the chat forums with threads such as “Money Diary”, “Career Path and Goals” and “Living on a budget” – these forums tackle the issues of career progress, pathways, and salaries and how to save money whilst still looking like a fashion plate. And more importantly, looking as good as you can.

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