This is Gold

Photo credit: Paul Lowry

I have just found a wonderful website –

Her humour is right up my alley – particularly Juanita the Weasel.

Other news for this morning – Sparkles the greyhound has been out for a walk, and is not talking to me because I have bought her a BIG FLUFFY bed that she is unable to sleep on properly. As if the round cat bed would be more comfortable for her. She is precious. But she does share the love – mainly sardine scented kisses. Gotta love the baby 32kg 6 year old. She is such a princess. Just like her mum.

Final thought for the day – I may have bought yesterday on myself by being resentful, obstinate, determined to be right and ‘the victim’. Interesting concept – dammit.

Total credit to The Bloggess for the below image – if I can get it to load. If not. later.




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