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love to ravenwolf ❤️❤️

I wish I could take credit for this beautifully written piece. I can’t and I won’t.

The next best thing I can do is share this beautiful souls words and spread the love. ❤️❤️

I’ve been blessed with two of the most beautiful, genuine and soulful men in my life. Each of them are the loves of my life, soul mates, twin flames, my other half.

They see me for me. In all my vulnerability, distance, ice cold exterior, my pain, fears and need to always run away. Yet each of them have always been my safety, my heart and despite myself I cherish them more than I can or will ever show.

Each of them “found” me when everyone said they wouldn’t. I opened my door and there they were – asking to enter my home and heart. I knew instantly they were the one – I fought it, was afraid but knew I was lost the minute I met them.

We have chapters in our lives that define us. If we are open to the Universe and our own Higher Powers they will guide the right ones to us.

My first soul love is still in my life as a beautiful cherished friend. I’m grateful and blessed. Yet we’ve worked hard to repair the pain and hurt from the past.

I thought I was done. Who gets two beautiful souls who see you for you? And loves you for all your mess? The Universe had other plans. As they do. Now – I’m facing the biggest fight of my life – to let him in, to love and cherish him as he deserves. I’m petrified I’m too damaged that I’m unable to be what he deserves. He’s thrown himself wide open from day one and I want to howl in pain. How can I be the one to give this beautiful, gentle soul the true love he deserves – more than anyone I’ve ever met?

I’m trying. I really am. But I’m so so scared I’m too toxic and scarred. And I’m scared of falling deeply in love with him – he’s the one – my soul knows it. Which means I won’t survive losing this one. Won’t survive losing his smile, his warmth, his caresses and trust. It will mean the end of me. But – that could be a good thing. If I’m not meant to have this then I can leave the world knowing I tried, gave my all and accept that I’m not meant to be loved or love. ❤️❤️❤️


ravenwolf Author – ravenwolf

I don’t care what “they” say.
I want a fairy tale.
I deserve happily ever and once upon a time.
I need the love affair that will take my breath away.
They don’t dare to dream.
I do.
They’ll tell me that love is for fools and true love doesn’t exist any more, but they’re wrong.
I’m not asking anyone to tell me I’m right or wrong, I’m still going to listen to my heart anyways.
I want the love story that redefines the fairy tale.
Kisses in the rain and embraces in the dark, but that is just the start of the magic- our deep soul touching love magic.
Soul touching, skin tingling, heart pounding passionate love that sets your spirit on fire.
Chivalry is still alive and dreams do come true.
I want out of the labels and into the arms of love, because “they” haven’t seen a dream come true.
I have.
I know the look of love and the heavenly touch of the one meant only for me.
Passionate kisses, warm hugs and the look in their eyes that melts my heart.
So, don’t tell me I can’t have an old fashioned romance that never ends..
Because I can. No, I will.
More than that, I deserve it.
The kind of love that people see and smile, because they know that what we have is different..special in a way that most will never understand.
Not just a little unique but the type of love affair that makes them smile and shake their heads at the same time.
The type of love that lights up a room when we walk in and shine brightly.
When I look at them from across the way, I know one thing: that’s the one.
Their eyes dancing in the light, the ends of their mouth curling in a delightful smile with the heart that beats only for me.
I won’t settle for anything less, and now, I don’t have to.
Happily ever after and magical love stories exist, but you have to be open and believe it’s possible and real.
I believe in true love, in soul mates, in twin flames.
I believe that fairy tales do exist and happily ever after does come true.
I believe that love comes for all of us, when we are ready and willing.
I believe that we find the one when we are meant to, chance does not exist.
So, when I tell you I want the fairy tale, and the last first kiss ever, believe it.
I’m not asking anyone but one to share my dream, because ” they” will never understand the true power of a love story like ours.
Until you catch a glimpse of heaven in the smile of true love, you don’t know how amazing that feeling really is.
Once upon a time and happily ever after, our fairy tale love story started with a kiss and ended with forever.
Never stop believing.
I didn’t…
And my wish came true in you.




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