About Isabella – 2012

“I’m medicated and I don’t go home.”

Career girl by day –  lost by night.
Wanders the underworld looking for herself.
Goes to AA hoping to meet someone who can tell her who she is.
Goes to bars – meets “Angels” that reaffirm her being.
Doesn’t belong in the world she has forced herself to survive in.
Is fractured.
She belongs with the underworld but lives in the real world.
She’s a boring little bird.

Social situations confuse her.
She is low of energy but quick of mind.
She tires quickly.
Starts projects and never finishes them.
Is a dreamer, prefers living in a dream world but life rudely pushes her into reality.
She feels cold and naked in the real world, preferring a cocoon of cotton wool and little movement. 

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