Stolen car? Invite thieves into your home for a Sunday roast.

Coz I love you all – consider this – if your car was stolen when parked away from home (or even from your home) it would be a hassle right? Of course it would be!

Now think – what items in your car do you have?

  • Garage remotes
  • Car service books – with your name, phone number, address
  • Spare car key (hello Lexus)
  • Glove box/floor/back seat/boot – items, paperwork and mail with your home address, phone number, work address, family information, bank statements – you get the idea
  • Spare set of house keys?
  • Work access fob with the name of the company
  • Sports and gym information
  • Sat nav (this is a big one) – home address, places you frequent, family addresses, work address
  • iPods for music with apps one them and personal info.

All of these items will help the lovely car thief potentially visit your home – hopefully when you are not there. They will be able to help themselves – not only your car – but your house as well.

May as well make some sandwiches for them and put out few beers for them. Because you’ve just invited them into your home and helpfully given them your details.🤦🏼‍♀️

Check your cars lovely people.

Remove everything that has your details.

Set your home address on your Sat Nav to your local police station.

Check your iPod – remove all identification – but keep find my phone coz you may b e able to track your car the way.

Keep your car service books in the who (painful I know) or remove your details.

You get the idea.

Be smart.

Keep safe.




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