I’m Back!

Oh yeah. I. Am. Back.

In a big way.

In a good way.

Stronger and better than ever before.

Life has changed so much and I have learnt how strong I am, that I can look after myself.

For so long I thought that I needed other people to look after me, protect me and be there for me. To support me – not financially, but in every other way. Pick up the pieces for me.

Well. I am no longer breaking things. No longer breaking myself. I am not needing to pick up the scattered remnants of my actions and life.

In fact, I am building a life.

Sure, with some false starts, mistakes and embarrassing moments but the point is, everytime I am falling, I am getting back up again, dusting myself off and getting on with things. And not making the same mistake again.
Well not quite true, however less and less.

At least this time I was quicker to pick myself up, less collateral damage and quicker turn around for feeling brighter.

I can only keep trying.

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