Happiness Means…..

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Why life is amazing when waking up without a hangover and still sober:

  • Waking up at 6.00am on a work day and having the day off! Legitimately and not as a sick day!!
  • Freedom from fear and guilt – not a sick day!
  • Being able to appreciate this view from couch –

    Morning glory
  • My favourite childhood show on in the background – Bewitched 
  • Yet I am feeling like this:

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very Important Date


Multiple other reasons but I am about to start Step Four – hopefully it doesn’t end with me on the floor like Juanita The Weasel (Thank you Bloggess).

The Agony Is Real






  1. TABATHA! the cute blonds we all wanted to be. I’m guessing you’re 50 ish?

    GO GET #4. Do not fear.

    Do your read Heidi, goodlifenoalcohol? She has an awesome guide to do step 4. xo m

    1. Hey Jen and Mel …. sort of finished it already – had a look at the guide of Heidi’s …. I just wanted to get it DONE. I know I will need to do it again in the future…

      Lol … I am actually 37 … but LOVE bewitched…


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