Happiness Means…..

Why life is amazing when waking up without a hangover and still sober:

  • Waking up at 6.00am on a work day and having the day off! Legitimately and not as a sick day!!
  • Freedom from fear and guilt – not a sick day!
  • Being able to appreciate this view from couch –

    Morning glory
  • My favourite childhood show on in the background – Bewitched 
  • Yet I am feeling like this:

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very Important Date


Multiple other reasons but I am about to start Step Four – hopefully it doesn’t end with me on the floor like Juanita The Weasel (Thank you Bloggess).

The Agony Is Real





3 thoughts on “Happiness Means…..”

  1. TABATHA! the cute blonds we all wanted to be. I’m guessing you’re 50 ish?

    GO GET #4. Do not fear.

    Do your read Heidi, goodlifenoalcohol? She has an awesome guide to do step 4. xo m

    1. Hey Jen and Mel …. sort of finished it already – had a look at the guide of Heidi’s …. I just wanted to get it DONE. I know I will need to do it again in the future…

      Lol … I am actually 37 … but LOVE bewitched…


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