Crushing Sadness

I feel this crushing sadness and heaviness to my whole being – hard to describe, but like nothing can lift it, I cannot be bothered to even verbalize the pain I feel.

It is all I can do to care enough to try to get out of this funk, to even bother trying to get my message out tonight.

Not really a hard day, just a day of soul sapping, non events that I cannot control – in fact, I was fine at work but now I am at home I feel like crying. If I had the energy and the desire to discuss with The Boy.

Three things are bothering me – from the greatest to the least (I think):

  1. Work continues to be a point of stress – I think it will be until I see The Manager tomorrow and we have our meeting. However  a huge part of me wants to listen to his (undoubtedly) negative feedback – because of course I am the all knowing – and then throw a resignation in his face. Stupid thing is that I really like my job – I just do not have support or assistance.
  2. Moving or not moving to Abu Dhabi. So.Over.It.

I know …. nothing of the above can be controlled by me, I know that I have to ask for help to manage the feelings of anxiety and depression. I know that this too shall pass, that I will wake up in the morning and feel better – in fact – I will feel better once I speak to The Manager tomorrow so that is one issue off my mind.

Too bad I cannot seem to shake the low feelings.




4 thoughts on “Crushing Sadness”

  1. I am with Mel. This is a big deal to write this and post it. This is Real and Honest and that is where the juice is.

    I am sorry you are so damn Sad.

    I would say, “and this too shall pass….”

    but I personally get REALLY pissed when people say that.

    Right now you are sad. Period.

    Hang In OK?

    XO Jen

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