I am in such a happy place at the moment. I have worked from home today and had a chance to really be creative with a number of writing projects I have on the go. My creativity is a such a high, that I really do not want to go to work – I could work all day, every day on my writing.

Added to that, I am working on the health of my body and the health of my spirituality.

I really feel like I am on the right path at the moment – still have not had a drink and it has been 15 days.

My cravings are almost non-existent, and when I do have them, I pray that they will go away and they do in some miraculous way. I just cannot explain it.

I have been focused on reaching out to other people as well – I have at least 4-5 people on speed- dial that I speak to at least once a day, so I have support and I provide support to others.

Big decisions may be coming up in the next 2 weeks – do I dare to dream???




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