Last Time Isabella Went To A Play – Confession Time

Confession time.

Last time Isabella went to see a play with The Boy she ensured that she was well protected with white wine. Well protected, cozy and wrapped up warm and snug in a blanket of booze haze, having had more than a few white wines.

In fact, it was less than a month ago and involved drinking at lunchtime to dull the pain and apprehension, then proceeded to drinks after work waiting to meet up with her beloved family, then a drink (or two) with family over dinner (her ‘1st’ for the day) then on to see the play. A lot happened before they even got to the play – a couple of upsetting scenarios that made Isabella want to run far away, however she was trapped so she did the next best thing – stole away from the group for 10 minutes before the play and had a glass of champagne on her own.

Isabella enjoyed the play, but wanted more to drink.

That’s ok – she was able to have a couple of glasses when she got home that night – but not too many …. otherwise she would be pissed and in trouble with The Boy.

Isabella woke up the next morning and she wasn’t proud of herself but she was satiated – and a lot worse of financially – it hadn’t been a cheap day.

Now, nearly a month has passed and Isabella is clean and sober. Anticipation and nerves are occurring because seeing plays with The Boy always stirs up emotions in both of them and the night generally never ends well. Hopefully tonight ends a lot better. Pray for it to do so – as Isabella really wants a drink right now.



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