Isabella’s Day

Isabella is day dreaming but it’s not a good day dream.

It’s wrought with pitfalls.

She is contemplating going to lunch and having a few wines. So she does. She leaves her office and walks to a secluded cafe and has the first cool,crisp glass of white wine for the day.

She made it to 1pm before she caved.

She knows she should be at work and not drinking but she can’t help it. Nor can she help the next two white wines.

Three wines in an hour. Is the bad?

Isabella thinks so but she does it anyway.

She goes back to work and tries to keep everything under control. Apparently she gets away with it. She thinks. But did she? Paranoia kicks in.

She then plans her next drink – after work. She drives home to a bar near here home.

Downs another three in an hour.

Meets up with friends, has another one. “Her first” for the day.

Then sneaks a quick champers when her friends go out for a cigarette.

They have dinner and she has another two.

Isabella is keeping count – real count.

She knows she has to be careful not to let on to her friends that she has drunk so much.

Again. She is paranoid that she has slipped up. That they know how drunk she is.

Her life is a mess.

Because she drinks. Out of control.

She needs to stop.

Shit is happening.

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