Life is Shite In Two Areas


Is there any area in my life that is working right now????

The Boy turned up at home after 9pm last night – no phone call, no comment, no “How are you” (not unusual).


Granted I was on the bed reading (Stephen King’s new book – highly recommend it).

I did say hello. He said hello back. That was it.

He came to bed and I could smell beer on his breath. No comment. Nothing.

So I am being shut out. No respect either in the fact of calling/texting to say would be late. At least when I stay out I let him know.

Then work. Oh. What. A. Joy. Thank god they are in Sydney is all I can say. And that I am in Melbourne.

Fuck me. Am I really that bad???? I am feeling like I must be as people seem to be in a shit with me, and I seem to be shitting other people. I don’t know what to do but my instinct is just keep doin’ what I’m doin’, ensure that I am not rude to anyone, angry or offensive.

I cannot make The Boy care about what I do during the day, call me to let me know if he will be late, not get shitty if I want to read rather than watch shit tv.


No wonder I medicate myself and sometimes don’t want to go home!!!

Gotta love life.




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